Our Story


 "Fine Jewellery Specialists"


My vision was to provide bespoke high-quality jewellery individually made to last a lifetime and fast forward over 30+ years the workshop now consists of a small group of highly specialised goldsmiths, each with their own style, who work together to craft all our unique products and services.


Our primary focus is on handmaking unique finished pieces in our workshop. Many of our competitors currently display products that are bought pre made and sold at a higher price in store or they display branded products which they act as a wholesaler for. However, Topaz Jewellers unique selling point is that we can custom make pieces of jewellery from a metal bar to finished product in order to fit an individual’s budget and personal style. We give the opportunity to customers to co-create in the design process of their very own pieces which is a completely unique process in itself.


I hope you enjoy our jewellery!