Choosing the Right Length Necklace

Necklaces are very popular as they can often add that finishing touch or just be your everyday statement piece so getting the right length is pretty important especially if you’re investing in that piece. Its rare to know or ever be thought what length chain you need so this blog provides you with a small breakdown of each length and some visuals to help you with your next purchase.

While it may seem like jewellery is one-size-fits-all, different lengths are suitable for different purposes and different people. This first visual is a rough guide as to where the chain will fall on you and the second chart will bring you through the placements and how they are predominantly worn:

14 inches Tight around the top of the neck Often referred to as chokers these are usually paired with other chains for a stacked look
16 inches Tight around the base of the neck Best for complimenting an outfit as it’s almost always visible on the neckline
18 inches Mid Length The ideal length for your everyday chain and is perfect for pendants or name chains. This is the most popular length for women from our experience but not exclusively made for women.
20 to 24 inches On top of the chest Great for both business and casual wear. Very popular for men’s chains but can be equally worn by women.
28 to 32 inches Mid to bottom of the chest Often reserved for evening wear. However this length of chain is prone to breaking due the higher possibilities of it getting caught in something so it is something to keep in mind. These lengths are often reserved for occasion pieces or pearl necklaces.


I hope you have gained knowledge from this blog and are more informed for your next purchase. To discuss your questions or anything jewellery please make contact with us through our website, Instagram or Facebook.

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