10 Best Gift Ideas from Topaz Jewellers

This year we have compiled a collection where no matter what your budget is you can find something here which is deeply personal and unique. Each of these pieces are handmade and made locally in our workshop in Limerick City. We've explained the charm and allure of each piece and given some helpful links to purchase the products on our website. Without further ado, here is a definitive list of the best Christmas gifts, according to us. 


1. Name Necklace

There’s a certain artistic element to our name necklaces that you won’t get anywhere else. Each curve of the letters are engraved so smoothly they shine, each cut is hand pierced with precision using our saws and lastly they are given a perfect high shine on our polishing wheels.

Our handmade personalised name necklaces can be made in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or silver. You can put any name or word you want to create your stylish name necklace using our script style font and can be made to any length you like (18inch being by far the most popular). These are so desirable this year and are the ideal gift for the stylish, fashion-conscious person in your life and are a beautiful forever piece.

Materials: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Silver

Price Range: €80 - €280



2. Gypsy Ring

This is known as a Gypsy Ring which became popular around 1885 - 1990 (Late Victorian Era). Symbols like stars and crescents were popular design choices of this era and we see these elements carved into the gold around the outside of the gemstones in our gypsy rings. We often use diamonds along with feminine, bright gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds in our designs as you can see in these images of our ruby and diamond gypsy ring.

This is a simple and easy to wear ring, with the possibility to select from an abundance of gemstones. The best part about these gypsy rings is their durability - the gemstone setting is a very wearable, everyday style. Unlike solitaire or pronged settings, the gemstone sits further into the band, so it's very secure and is less likely to be scratched or chipped. For the modern woman, this is ideal. You can easily wear your Gypsy ring to the shops, out with friends or typing on your computer screen.

If you’re worried about getting the size right just send us a message and we can send you out a ring sizer you can use at home if you want to be discrete or call in to be sized!


Materials: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold
Gemstones Options: Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire
Price: €550

3. Modern Gold Initial Necklace

This Modern Gold Initial Necklace is a real classy piece that shot to fame back in 2016 when Meghan Markle stepped out in Toronto wearing an initial necklace with the letters ‘H’ and ‘M’ on it – and subsequently sent the world into a meltdown. With no words, just a simple gesture, the then Suits actress confirmed rumours that had been swirling for months – that she and Prince Harry were an item.

We took that idea and made something with even more quality and craftsmanship than the original. The chain is a flat curb chain with a silky feel and allows the letters to fall the right way every time. Our initial letters are hand-cut in our workshop and have discrete but heavy rings that attach seamlessly to the chain. These can be worn tight to the neck as your statement piece or simply as a stackable chain that will compliment all your other pieces too. We can make this piece in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or silver and can make it with as little or as many letters as you like.


Materials: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold

Price Range: €260 - €480

4. Initial Disk and Birthstone Necklace

Gifts don’t more personal yet so safe than this. It is so simple to build your own initial disk and birthstone charm chain. 1. Let us know your initial 2. Tell us your birthstone and lastly 3. Which metal you want to use and we will do the rest.
Choice of metal:
Yellow Gold
Red Gold

January - Garnet
February - Amethyst
March - Aquamarine
April - Diamond
May - Emerald
June - Pearl/Alexandrite
July - Ruby
August - Peridot
September - Sapphire
October - Opal/Tourmaline
November - Topaz
December - Topaz/Turquoise
The only part you have to decide is what font you want the initial in … script or block? We can also make these without the birthstone charm so get in touch and we can let you know the price of your piece.

Materials: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold & Silver

Price Range: €120 - €280

5. Hoop Earrings

The best hoop earrings are as useful as your classic white T-shirt or your favourite pair of jeans. Timeless and versatile, this jewellery can be both minimalist and maximalist, and appropriate for both off-duty and formal looks.
Regardless of metal or size hoop earrings never fail to make one feel more put together. We have hollow gold hoops and solid silver hoops which are really comfortable and light so there is no discomfort wearing them for hours at a time, add them to your collection today.

Materials: Yellow Gold & Silver

Price Range: €40 - €120

6. Diamond Solitaire Ring

The classic solitaire ring features a single diamond set in a gold band. This ring is perfect as a decorative piece of diamond jewellery that will not break the bank. The band is slightly domed on the outside with a comfort fit on the inside to make it feel like an extension of the finger. The 3mm 0.10ct diamond is housed in a separate yellow gold collet and is rubover set, the perfect setting for everyday wear. The ring transcends age as people of all vintages have added this piece to their collection over the past year while others just starting their collection made this the first piece.

If you’re worried about getting the size right just send us a message and we can send you out a ring sizer you can use at home if you want to be discrete or call in to be sized!


Materials: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold

Price: €500

7. The Initial Plate

This ring is a modern take on the classic signet ring. Its unusual flat face along with the thin simple band creates a clean, elegant look along with the personalised initials on the front make it unique and stylish. This style of ring is for men and women and can be worn on any finger you like with the pinky being the most popular to date.

Personalised with initials of your choice you can get creative and sentimental with them. We have done rings with significant others initials, family members initials, a mix of a couple’s initials, we have even done a full name across the front. So whatever writing you want we can do in our signature interlock monogram engraving.

If you’re worried about getting the size right just send us a message and we can send you out a ring sizer you can use at home if you want to be discrete or call in to be sized!


Materials: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold or Silver

Price Range: €180 - €300


8. Sweet Rose Necklace

Our first time making this piece was earlier this year and since then it has been admired and sought after by so many. Every petal is thought about with each curve being carefully carved out. The flow of the stem along with the perfectly mimicked leaves ensures you know exactly which flower this is. It is so intricate and well-made pictures do it justice to a point but when you see this and hold it in your hand or wear it around your neck you can feel the craftsmanship oozing from it.


Materials: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold or Silver

Price Range: €200 - €550


9. Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings embody class and sophistication and also are just immensely flattering. They are one of the best jewellery investments and a piece almost every jewellery lover will have in their collection. They’re a true staple of style which you will never have to worry about going out of fashion or that they won’t match all your outfits. Regardless of your age, complexion, style, or size, they simply fit and can add instant glow to your appearance.

Materials: Gold or Silver

Price range: €30 - €180


10. Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a convenient and useful substitute for cash when gifting. It is that bit more personal than cash in a card we think! Physical gift cards can be bought and used in stores or online, call in or call us and we can organise one for you.


We hope we have inspired you to gift with our handmade pieces of jewellery this year. If you have any more questions or want to discuss more you can always reach out to us at johnflynntopaz@gmail.com or patrickflynntopaz@gmail.com . Thanks for reading!

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